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Private Ghost Hunts 

Opening May 2015

   Located in a historic district in Brownsville Pa, 3 market street is a new haunted location open for investigators to rent at a reasonable rate. This building was built in the 1920's after a previous fire destroyed a large section of the block. Occupied till 2007 this structure has seen multiple uses over the years, its history is still being uncovered and as we find more information out we will be sharing it here and on our Facebook page

What makes this place unique?

*The diverse uses it has has over the years it has been apartments, doctors office, shoe store, GC Murphey five and dime, a private social club. 

* Owned and operated by a paranormal investigator. This factor allows for insight from management to better accommodate you on your investigations. 

* The building is currently only being used for ghost hunting. This means there is nothing to schedule around, we are available 7 days a week and all rooms are available for investigating. 

* What is appearing to be a group of various spirits with strong personalities. 

*A full base camp set up for paranormal investigators including a DVR for you to use (bring a flash drive to save your footage)  Refrigerator stocked with water and cola, Coffee pot, Microwave, meeting table, couch,  equipment table with 12 outlets to accommodate chargers. Previous documentation of activity, and various other little perks.  

* Time frame is set for 8pm-10am but feel free to inquire about adjusting the times to better acomedate your needs. 

*Only the base camp and the restroom behind it have electricity and heat preventing false readings throughout the building. 

Current Layout

First floor- broken into two rooms first is the ghost hunting base camp. The rest is a large open area which was used originally as apart of a store.  The whole first floor was built as a single storefront. 

Second & Third Floor- Containing apartments.

Basement- A full basement extending under the sidewalk with 12ft ceiling separated into two large rooms. This has shown to be a highly active area of the building. 

Back part of the storefront.

Apart of the store front

The back stairway.

Second Floor Hallway.

Apartment Kitchen

Apartment Living room