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We are updating and revamping our site we apologize for any issues this may cause. 


We are a group of paranormal investigators based in western Pennsylvania. Our mission is to investigate claims of the paranormal and when we find valid evidence present it to everyone who is looking to expand their understanding of the unknown

The UPIA was founded back in 2001 since then the group has evolved into various forms ranging from a small 4 member team to a organization with over 550 members with 13 sub chapters. The founders decided that the goal of gathering evidence was becoming second to the administration of hundreds of members, so the chapters and membership were disbanded and the team was formatted to having on average 10 people allowing the group to focus on performing efficient investigations. 

We welcome you to explore our site, we have worked hard to present various articles to read over and evidence for you to review and generate your own opinions. 

The UPIA is the official investigative team in a newly discovered haunted location in Brownsville PA.

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