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The United Paranormal Investigators Association



10-30-06: UPIA Featured in Newspaper

"I met two of the founders of United Paranormal Investigators Association on a freezing Sunday night for what would hopefully be an eventful and educational ghost hunting experience. Having communicated with the group while setting up our adventure, I anticipated meeting someone like the experts seen on the Discovery Channel specials. This was not the case. In the yellow lights of a remote gas station, I met UPIA founders Jeremy Wiley and Kevin Ames. Their knowledge and soft spoken thoughtfulness gave the two a refreshing amount of professionalism for two twenty-year olds."

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11-2-06: There is now a Myspace UPIA Group.
11-2-06: The UPIA has undergone some changes to the group's structure. Please read over the pages to gain a understanding of what has changed.
11-2-06: All members except for those that meet the Affiliate Member requirements are now Considered Community Members
11-2-06: The UPIA Affiliate System has been disbanded.
*Anyone with questions or comments are more then welcome to contact the Officers.


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Quaker Orbs
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The UPIA has a two part mission.

Part 1:

Our goal is to be a organization that takes investigation of the paranormal to a new level of professionalism. Unorganized random collection of evidence isn’t enough. By setting new standards to what is and isn’t accepted by the group as evidence of paranormal phenomena we can assure that only materials that have the proper criteria can be presented as proof and will be hard to dismiss by critics.

Part 2:

Due to myth and modern entertainment the general publics perception of the paranormal is at times tainted with information that is mostly wrong and commonly in forces fear into the minds of people. That is where we plan to make a difference. The UPIA will set out to change common misconceptions and install facts, not fears into the minds of all who are willing to listen.

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