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   The interview process can take a fair amount of time depending on the kind of claimed paranormal experience and how many actual witnesses there are. For a possible haunting there may be on average 2-4 people to interview separately.

1. Make sure interviews are done separately if at all possible. If children are involved and the guardians wish to be present during the interview then there is absolutely no problem with that. Although make sure the guardian does not lead the child.

2. Make sure you listen for fine details to notice any inconsitentces. Remember that if you find a flaw in a story it doesn’t mean that its false. They may have been uncomfortable or simply used the wrong word as a description. Do not ever accuse someone of lieing. Let it go then ask the same question again and see what the answer is.

3. Have the interview in a comfortable setting where they can feel relaxed.

4. Make sure you have plenty of paper with pencils for the person to draw what they may have saw.

5. If doing a spirit investigation the interview and walk through should be performed at least two days before the actual investigation. This should be performed by two investigators. This allows you to have a better understanding of the situation and the layout so that you can organize a effective plan for the investigation.

6. Make your clients feel comfortable with you but never at the expense of your professionalism.

7.If a investigation of their property is to follow the interview then explain the rules to them.

- Limited amount of people there.

- No television or radio. Depending on where they will be at during the investigation and the kind of location it is this rule can be lifted if the running of those devices wont effect the investigation. This decision is up to the lead ivnestigator.

- Must remain as quiet as possible and not wander around.


   Depending on location and situation more rules may have to be used. The above are only the main rules that are most commonly used. If you are needing assistance or have questions about these contact a officer.