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 If you are experiencing what you believe to be paranormal activity in your place of residence or business and would like us to perform a investigation of your property we will be more then happy to do so. All investigations are free of charge and we do not ask for anything in return. Please read our investigation protocols listed below to make sure we are the right group for you. Then you can fill out the form below or contact our Private Investigation Coordinator Brigid Delien for any questions or concerns.


Our Investigation Protocols

- All clients must sign a release form stating that evidence collected by the UPIA team is the property of the UPIA. We will always provide copies of any evidence to the clients. We will also always blur out faces upon requests and we will never release the location or names of parties involved unless the client specifically requests so.

- We do not permit any use of drugs, alcohol or smoking of any kind on the property during an investigation by both the UPIA team and the client.

- To perform a proper investigation we need as few people at the location as possible. We understand that the interest in the activity is shared by many but we can not have excess people on location while we are investigating. If you have friends or family that is interested in a investigation or how one is performed please feel free to share our contact information and we will gladly get with them on another occasion.

- We can not guarantee evidence to be collected as spirit activity is not always guaranteed. We will do our best to find what we can and if your interested we will be willing to perform multiple investigations over time to better our chances of understanding and documenting the haunting.

- We DO NOT remove spirits.

- A big part of our investigation is disproving activity. If you will not accept what we can prove and document then we may not be the group for you. Please understand that we will never tell you your property is not haunted as we can never prove that since paranormal activity happening on a investigation is never a guarantee, but after many years of investigations and research we have found some natural causes that are commonly misinterpreted as paranormal. Remember you called us to help give you answers. 

- If these protocols are non agreeable but you still wish for a investigation let us know what your issues are as we may be able to make certain arrangements or assist you in finding a group who can fit your needs.